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Wonder Dog Fund

So in July 2015 my dog, Zelda started seizing up and wouldn’t lift her neck. She started dragging her right paw, which I knew from my years of experience working with dogs probably meant a neural problem.
My first visit to the vet involved some X-rays and a $700 bill just so they could tell me they had no idea what was wrong with her.
She got worse after that.
When I went back to the vet, they recommended I get her a $2,500 MRI. They also predicted that she would need surgery...which cost $10,000. After I got over the sticker shock I panicked. I didn't have $12,500 lying around but I LOVED my dog, and I couldn’t just let her die...

That’s when I realized that every day, thousands of dog owners across America are forced tomake a terrible choice. If they can’t pay the vet bill...they could lose their best friend.
Thankfully I managed to get Zelda through with some anti-inflammatories and home remedies I discovered I’d been studying for quite some time. But the lesson stuck with me...
I’ve since talked to dozens of people who have made the awful choice to give up for rescue...or they make a terrible choice and let their dog die...just because they can’t afford the vet bill.

Even for small things, a vet visit is $200...$300...$500...$700 dollars. That’s a lot for most families. So I decided to do something about it. That’s why I created the Wonder dog fund.
Part of the profits from my business sales...as well as money donated from caring donors across the world will go into a fund. This money will go to helping people who need to help their dogs, but can’t afford the vet bill.

Anyone anywhere can apply to be a wonder dog recipient, and then we work directly with the dog’s health care provider to make sure the necessary treatment can be paid for.
Our goal is to help thousands of dogs live happy, healthy and play-filled lives by getting them the care they need.
If you or someone you know has a vet bill, and is having difficulty affording it PLEASE get in contact with us. We might be able to help.

If you want to donate to the Wonder Dog Fund a portion of every purchase from Wonder Dog Gear goes to the fund or you can donate directly to the fund by selecting the amount you'd like to donate from the drop down menu and then clicking the donate button below. We thank you from the bottom of our dog love hearts!

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