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We create high-quality gear for puppy-lovers, dog owners,

and our furry friends too.

Jt Clough, CEO Wonder Dog GearI’m JT Clough, CEO of Wonder Dog Gear and I’ve been a professional dog trainer for 16 years. I’ve always loved dogs because no matter what happens our dogs show unconditional love. From beginning to end they fill our hearts and souls with smiles and laughs, play and naps.

So you can imagine how devastated I was in Summer 2015 when my dog, Zelda, had a bad neck injury. I was living in Hawaii at the time and access to health care was limited.  

First I spent $700 for a vet to do X-rays and tell me what was wrong with her. Then they told me I’d need to get her a $2,500 MRI and possibly spend $10,000 on surgery.

I freaked out. She’s my best friend, and I’d do anything for her, but I didn’t just have $12,500 lying around.

Thankfully, I was able to heal her from with help from my vet friends, and some natural remedies.

But the near-tragedy opened my eyes to the fact that every day, thousands of dog-owners are forced to make a terrible choice. They either pay outrageous costs to keep their dogs alive and healthy, or they lose their best friend.

So I had to do something about it.

Here’s the question that started Wonder Dog Gear and the Wonder Dog Fund:

“How can we deliver high-quality products for dog owners and lovers
AND use the proceeds to help our furry friends?”

I set out to provide a website where dog lovers can find products for themselves and their dogs that are super cool, useful or just a way to show how much they love their dog. And, more importantly…

The Purpose of Wonder Dog Gear
10% of Sales are Donated to Dogs In Need of Health Care

Wonder Dog Gear was created from the idea that we all need to be a super hero every day to keep a high vibe and live a life well played.

I’ve spent almost all of my life studying dogs. I’ve noticed that whether they are perfectly healthy or starting to have health issues, they keep a high vibe. They wag through everything and they’d walk through hot coals if it meant staying by your side.

When our dogs are in need, we’d also walk through hot coals to help them as well. Wonder Dog Fund is meant to help those in need of financial help for dog medical emergencies or health care.

What is the Wonder Dog Fund?

10% of all Wonder Dog Gear sales are donated to the health care of a dog in need when the cost is high and their person is financially strapped.

The funds are paid directly to the health care provider. My goal is to help as many people who are in a crisis with a dog that needs health care as possible. It’s devastating to have a dog sick, in pain, or even lose a our most loved best friend because of an expensive veterinary bill.

Wouldn’t you appreciate it if it was your dog?

And if your dog is in need please submit your dog’s story and your contact information here.

If you’d like to donate to the Wonder Dog Fund in addition to 10% of a purchase, you can do that here. If it is not an anonymous donation you will be sent the information and gratitude from the dog you helped.

So take a minute and browse our gear, see if something catches your eye. You can feel great about your purchase, because you know you’re helping out someone’s best friend.