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Dogs By Ori Canvas Pet Portrait - Personalized Portrait From Your Photos

Your Own Dog Painting On A 16x20 Canvas!  

A Gorgeous Pet Portrait You'll Have Fur-ever

Keep your dog around for a hundred years! Fine art portraits by an internationally collected artist and (lifelong) dog lover. All you need is a photo (and it doesn’t even have to be a great one)!

The true test of a great portrait is capturing your pet’s personality.  Ori can bring personality, depth, color, and much more from a photo that you took on your cell phone or camera.

Order, we'll contact you to get your photos and you'll end up with a beautiful canvas portrait or your dog you'll have fur-ever.

Who is Ori, and why should I have him paint my fur-babies?

Ori is (this is the short version):
Lifelong dog lover / Lifelong artist / Serious techie / Award-winning photographer / Teller of bad jokes / Playful / Creative / Big-Hearted Do-gooder.

With over 20 years as an artist, and photographer, he can work with any image to create your perfect dog portrait. Ori makes the process easy and fun.

*Once we get your order you'll be contacted by email to get your favorite photos to Ori for you personalized pet portrait.

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