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Embarrassed to Take Your Dog to the Beach Or Bistro? Spring Dog Training Tips

Embarrassed to Take Your Dog to the Beach Or Bistro? Spring Dog Training Tips

Spring Dog Training Tips with Jt Clough and BowWowBill

How To Stop Being Embarrassed and Have Fun Taking Your Dog Out and About To Any Dog Friendly Place in Your Location


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This week we talk about how to leave the embarrassment of less than perfect behavior behind and get your dog out and about with you. #playeveryday

In this training we cover:


  • Calm patience and waht that means wehn it comes to your dog.
  • How to associate what you want your dog to do with fun versus obedience.
  • Name, explain and don't complain *this concept is huge. Make sure to listen to the trianing to get this concpet down. It will help in every area of your life!
  • Visualization techniques that create the dog (and person) you really want to be with and act like.
  • How One Small Step by Dr Robert Maurer PHD can change the game of life with your dog and yourself. 

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