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Cannabis and Canines What You Need To Know

Cannabis and Canines What You Need To Know

It's a fact. More dogs are getting cancer and dying way too early. Since establishing Wonder Dog Fund and hearing from people who need help with veterinary bills for a variety of health care reasons, it's our crusade to help in every way we can.

Current Dog Cancer Protocol 

These days when a dog gets cancer, the common protocol is chemotherapy. Surgery, cutting off limbs and cutting out body parts. It's expensive to say the very least and the survival rate is grim. Like in the case of humans, the alternatives aren't discussed much. 

Alternative Dog Cancer Treatment

Case studies are out there that cannabis works on dogs, and as well as humans when it comes to cancer, tumors and disease. It's not mainstream. And yes, it's a problem because in many states it isn't legal. 

Never the less, if it's your dog, your heart dog, the one you love more than words can describe, you want to know this information. Have access to it. Find out what you can do.

Below is the video (part 3) of Cannabis and Canines by BowWowBill. There are resources and protocols, where to begin, and resources. But, like the presenter states, don't believe what he says. Do your research. It's out there. The links to the supplement videos with in the presentation will be below since the sound didn't come through on the replay. 


Cannabis - what you need to know #dogs part 3

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Supplement videos/case study with the Cannabis and Canines presentation: 

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How To Make Cannabis Oil

Prevention is the key. Feed your dog good food. Exercise. Drink plenty of clean fresh water (yes filtered water for the dog too! Why would you think that the tap water you won't drink is good enough for your best friend dog too?)

Wonder Dog Fund Mission

Please share this post (buttons on the right side) Dog cancer becoming an epidemic and canine people need alternatives. Affordable alternatives. It is the mission of Wonder Dog Fund to provide not only financial support but alternatives to expensive care that most likely will end the life of your dog way too early anyway.