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Tribute to Nash from the Iditarod

Tribute to Nash from the Iditarod

What is wrong with people? Seriously. Nash died because a snowmobile intentionally aimed for and hit his team as they were racing the Iditarod. 

What is going on with our world? What good could come from hitting and killing a dog like Nash while doing a renowned event?

"The thought that this seemed to be intentional is horrifying," said Carrie Skinner, the office manager for Husky Homestead, the kennel owned and operated by King where the dogs were raised and trained. "We're all very shaken up about this."

Skinner remembered Nash as "a leader, a strong puller, and a dog that just really loved people." Nash was part of a litter with other three dogs named after the band Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

Apparently there has been an arrest made in this case, however, it does not bring Nash back, no explanation will.

Tribute To Nash

There are a lot of opinions that fly around even in the professional dog world about the Iditarod. What we know here at Wonder Dog Gear is dogs like Nash absolutely love what they do and his team members both human and dogs love it too.

They are born and bred for it. They live for it. It's exhilarating and fulfilling. We tribute Nash for working and playing and loving the people that were all around him.

We at Wonder Dog Gear are sickened by the loss of Nash. RIP Nash. Your spirit lives on in dog people world wide.

*photo credit: Maren Johnson

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