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How To Keep Your Dog Healthy. What Your Vet Isn't Telling You.

How To Keep Your Dog Healthy. What Your Vet Isn't Telling You.

Your dog is healthy and happy. It's pure joy. And then one day your dog gets sick. For no apparent reason.

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy What Your Vet Isn't Telling You

How to keep your dog healthy and what you vet isn't telling you is something dog owners should think about BEFORE you are in a situation where you just want your dog better and aren't sure what the answers are.

Don't get me wrong. I think veterinarians are necessary and helpful for many things. But when it comes to things like food, vaccinations, and alternative ways, which are often times less expensive, the jury is out with me and a lot of my dog loving professionals.

We did a Blab discussing much of this information and what to do about it. Bill Church, Jen Freilich and myself. You can listen to it below and pick up many tips on how to keep your dog health by what you feed and how you decide to treat your dog if a health issue does arise.


Some major take aways from this session:

1. Feed your dog real food. 

2. You can do it for the cost of premium kibble and it won't kill your dog early! *Where to get it and cost breakdowns included in video above.

3. Make sure you know the right formula to feed. *Links are in Blab to get dog food that has the exact ingredients to get your dog into amazing health.

4. Discussion on vaccines, how many does your dog really need.

5. Can cannabis replace and/or do better than many of the pharmaceutical drugs vets have our dogs on? *In depth discussion towards the end of the blab including links where to get it.

If you have questions or want to join us live just send an email from the contact page. We'd love to answer your questions in person. For free!