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All I Care About Is My Dog And Like 3 Other People

All I Care About Is My Dog And Like 3 Other People

All I Care About Is My Dog And Like 3 Other People

Some of us dog people admit that out loud. Many don’t, but just think it all the time.

Why is that?

You know how it is. People say stupid shit. Many times it’s with good intention, or they just don’t even know they have poor timing with an off hand comment . People will pretend to have an agenda the same as yours….

And then get all pissed when you decide to change your mind for good reason.

Dogs on the other hand, don’t get their panties in a bundle if you change your mind and decide you don’t want to go out to dinner and movie. Or you do want to go out to dinner and a movie. Or shopping, or not. Or what ever you want to do, or not.

Dogs Do I Love You More Than Anything Well

How does it feel when you come home and your dog is so excited to see you they spin around, jump up and down, wag their tail and are just beside themselves to see you?

Good. It feels good. We really want a few people to feel like that about us and actually show it. Every single day.

How about having someone that just sits beside you in those times when you are sad, frustrated, angry or feeling a like you don’t know what to do next? Ya, know someone who isn’t trying to tell you what to do. Or that it’s going to be alright. Or coming up with some stupid way to fix the problem?

That would be your dog.

Your dog doesn’t say stupid things at inappropriate times.

You can tell your dog anything. All your problems. What you think the problem is with someone else. Down to the core of what you’d really like to tell them but can’t without ever worrying that your dog will repeat it.

Truth be told, there are many, many reasons we grow to care about our dogs more than most people.

Which is why I created this t-shirt. All I Care About Is My Dog And Like 3 Other People.

You can wear it and people will smile. They will get it. You’ll probably start to make real friends this way.

Cause you know, there are really only two kinds of people….

Those who get it, and those who don’t!

Get it here!

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