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How To Make A Pug Happy (Video)

How To Make A Pug Happy (Video)

How to make a Pug happy? Well, Pugs certainly have their personalities. And most will do what they will to get their way.

Watch this Pug throw throw and epic tantrum.

It may be familiar to you. Even if you don't have a Pug. This happens....

All the sudden you dog starts with some sort of of barking, or whining, or behavior that says something BIG is upsetting them. You of course try to figure out what it is.

The bystander is looking at you like, "What the hell are you doing to your dog?"

And then this happens....

Just wait until you see what is making this Pug go wild. It’s so hilarious! Trust me; it will make you laugh!

Watch what happens when a Pug goes crazy in this freakout moment: